Deabru Beltzak
Street Theatre

Deabrubeltzak - Street theatre

Deabru Beltzak is a group of Street-Theater which was established in 1996 by actors and actresses of different professional theater groups from the Basque Country. Since then, we have created 10 theater plays, with more than 3.000 representations, 80 special events, 50 urban celebrations and we have collaborated with more than 35 different Theater Companies worldwide. We collaborate with: The Basque Government, Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Xport, City Council of Bilbao (culture area), Gouvernement du Québec, Moulin Fondu, Le Fourneau, Leioako Umore Azoka, Fest’Arts Libourne, Fira de Teatre de Tarrega, Arriola Kultur Aretoa, Chalon dans la Rue, Lekeitioko Nazioarteko Kale Antzerki Jaialdia, Portal 71, Leasehold Delegation of Bizkaia, We have performed in more than 35 countries of 5 different continents, becoming the most international Street Theater Company of the Basque Country…etc

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